It’s Time You Stopped Believing These 5 Hair Care Myths

As we are growing We’re taught from childhood that our hair will be bad if we wash it too often and that proper care can work miracles for hair volume. even granny’s ideas we tried to applied on our hair and do lot of experiments on our hair!

However, most of these “immutable truths” turned out to be no more than myths.

1. The more you cut your hair, the faster it grows.

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People at saloon says  that  if you  you cut down your hair you’ll got the  faster hair growth! Since hair grows from the roots and not from the ends, a haircut doesn’t affect growth speed in any way.

2. Natural hair drying is better than a blow dryer.

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If you have short hair that dries in a few minutes, you don’t need to use a blow dryer. However, it’s preferable to blow dry long hair, as water molecules, penetrating the hair structure, literally wash out keratin from them, making them brittle and dry.

3. A dry scalp is the main cause of dandruff.

© depositphotos Here everything is exactly the opposite. Dandruff occurs in people with an oily scalp. So when this problem appears, stop using hair oil, which, contrary to your expectations, only worsens the situation.  

4. Hair ends can be recovered.

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You can “close” split ends for a while with the help of special masks or oils. However, to get rid of them, you need to cut your hair from time to time.

 The more often you wash your hair, the more oily it becomes

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Just like color, thickness, and curls, the amount of oil released by fat cells is laid genetically. Therefore, unfortunately, frequent or rare washing doesn’t affect how fast your hair will get dirty.